Sula Technologies develops, manufactures, and markets
commercial instrumentation for Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy

At one time the expense and complexity of laboratory assembled deep level spectrometers limited the use of DLTS to a relatively small number of specialized research groups.

SULA equipmentWe therefore developed a cost-effective, dedicated DLTS instrument which contains all the functions necessary to carry out precise and reliable deep level measurements. At the same time the system lends itself readily to expansion and upgrading of existing capabilities.

During our thirty years of experience in the DLTS area, we have delivered equipment ranging from basic modules -- such as our proprietary Fast Capacitance Meter -- to turnkey spectrometers with cryogenics and Windows-based software.

In addition to conventional DLTS, we offer variant options such as Double Correlation DLTS, Constant Capacitance DLTS, Current Transient Spectroscopy, Photo-Induced Transient Spectroscopy, Charge Transient Spectroscopy, Isothermal Transient Spectroscopy, Multiple Correlation and Integral Transform methods. Our unique implementation of both analog and digital techniques allows the Sula customer to profit from the best of two worlds.

High performance instruments, custom configurations, technical expertise, and reasonable prices have made our products extremely competitive on a worldwide basis.

Scores of research scientists in industry, government and academia have chosen Sula Technologies as their source of sensitive and reliable DLTS equipment.

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